Bitcoin Hosting That Exceeds Expectations

We provide our customers the best in Bitcoin hosting solutions – and we make it easy to pay with Bitcoin.

Whether you are looking for a dedicated server, scalable cloud hosting, or just want to host a simple website – we make it easy to get started. If you need BTC web hosting, look no further. Our servers are located in the U.S. and U.K.

Why should you host with us?

We know web hosting. To us, technology is like fine art. Nobody loves it more than we do. All of our gear is top notch and we take uptime, customer service and response times serious. Less is always more. We don’t like to talk about it – we’d rather “be about it”. That is why all of our hosting plans come with our guarantee.

Security and privacy are big around here

We put the privacy of our customers at the forefront of every thing we do. It’s in our DNA. If you can count on one thing, it’s that we will maintain the utmost security and care when hosting your site.

24 / 7 support and network monitoring

What makes or breaks a hosting company is customer support. In a time where technology is abundant, the one thing in demand is integrity. We strive to deliver the best possible hosting experience to our customers and we will always maintain the best customer support, hands down.

Using Bitcoin to pay for web hosting gives you the ability to keep your privacy intact, while still being able to enjoy the benefits of professional hosting services. Our dedicated team has over ten years of web hosting experience and is ready to help you get your website online. Contact us for help.

What is Bitcoin Hosting? What’s the big deal?

Bitcoin hosting is simple. It’s no different than regular web hosting, except you get the added benefit of enhanced privacy and security. Bitcoin grows more popular everyday. While it is still in its infancy, Bitcoin continues to be adopted as a legitimate online payment method. More and more businesses are using Bitcoin everyday. It’s not just for the tech geeks and privacy advocates. It’s also becoming quite the investment vehicle.

Bitcoin Server Hosting