Leakage and Contamination: Stay Secure Online

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What you need to be concerned with are “contamination” and “leakage”. Those two terms are definitely something to keep in mind in your quest for anonymity.

It’s simple: everything you do online can be traced back to you in some way if you do not take precautionary measures to avoid being discovered. Since we’re talking about anonymity, let’s start with the first thing you use to get online — your computer.

If anonymity is important to you, it’s probably best to avoid buying your computer using PayPal or or your credit card. Cash is always the best way. Of course, Bitcoin has its place, but using Bitcoin to buy a computer online doesn’t change the fact that you will need an address to ship it to. Your best bet is to simply pay cash in store.

The best (and safest) way to keep your identity private is to not give out any information at all. If there is nothing on your computer that can be linked to you, then you have considerably less to worry about. Invest in a specific computer that you will use online, encrypt your hard drive (and create a hidden volume), and only use it for what it was intended for.


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EXIF Data: Your Images Can Contain More Than You Think

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Everything you do online can be tracked in some way. One way or another nearly every electronic device that exists stores and/or creates data. While some of this information is nothing to worry about, the data proliferation that the digital age has brought, brings with it a whole new concern for many.

In other words, your pictures can give away more than you think.


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My Monday Rant: Privacy, Censorship, and Data-mining

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Internet censorship, privacy, data-mining… these are the issues faced by our generation.

Whether this is the Matrix or not, you have a choice in front of you:

Which pill are you going to take?

Perhaps you question how much privacy really matters. Maybe you don’t. In either case, if you do decide to take the red pill, there are a few things you should understand…

You do not own your data.


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It’s Time For Business

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Web Hosting Designed for the Bitcoin Community.

Privacy Respected. Bitcoin Accepted. That’s how it should be, right? Well, often times it’s not. We created BitcoinWebHosting.net to close the gap between reliable hosting – and anonymous hosting. Often times, the two don’t go hand and hand. You get both around here, privacy and performance.


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