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Many website owners begin with a basic shared web hosting plan. However, this may no longer be an option as your website draws more attention. It may be time for an upgrade if your traffic has increased.

A Windows virtual private server hosting plan gives your site its own operating system, disk space, bandwidth, and storage. This is in stark contrast to shared hosting plans where resources are shared with other users. VPS hosting allows you to offer a better service to your visitors, which is crucial as your site grows.

This post will discuss the top reasons to upgrade to Windows VPS hosting service. Let’s get started!

Defining a Virtual Private Server

Before we can look at the advantages of Windows VPS hosting solutions, we need to understand the nature of a virtual server. What is Windows based VPS hosting, and what are the differences between a Windows virtual server and other hosting options?

Decide on a hosting plan before you can create a website of any type. There are many options available, and although most people start with shared hosting initially, your needs might change over time.

Shared hosting lets you have your site live on a virtual server with many other sites, sharing its resources. This contrasts with dedicated hosting where a single website is hosted on one server. VPS hosting can be considered a hybrid of shared and dedicated hosting because it includes key elements from both.

VPS plans allow you to keep your site on the same virtual server as other users. Each VPS account is however partitioned. Each virtual server has its own operating systems, which are dedicated to one site. This can often result in higher performance and security.

VPS hosting generally comes with a higher cost. This plan is more expensive than shared hosting but cheaper than dedicated hosting. Your server’s Operating System (OS) will determine the cost of your plan.

The OS of your hosting plans, such as Windows and Linux, will determine the core of your virtual private server. It will also decide which apps can be installed, how long key tasks take, and how reliable your server is. Windows-based plans have become a popular choice because they offer high levels of technical support as well as security.

Shared and dedicated hosting plans power most websites around the globe. Multiple websites can use the resources of one server in a shared and dedicated hosting environment. Although it is the most cost-effective way to host a website, there are some drawbacks.

Because the resources of a virtual private server don’t get evenly distributed between all accounts, it is possible for one website to consume too much power and for the rest of the projects to suffer. Because all accounts share the same IP, there are security risks. This increases the likelihood of email delivery issues, even if one user sends spam.

While shared hosting is the most affordable solution, there are some limitations such as the inability to choose the operating system that your website will run on.

What Is Windows VPS Hosting?

You can choose a VPS plan to host your online project and receive a complete virtual private server. A server, regardless of its status, is simply a computer. To run the software would require an operating system.

Two main options are offered by hosting providers when it comes to VPS plans.

The managed VPS is the first. Your web host chooses the operating system and is responsible for keeping it updated and correctly configured. You can choose to have your self-managed VPS.

Linux is often the best choice for web hosting. This open-source OS can handle almost any software and is, therefore, the most popular choice. It’s also free. Windows is also an option for hosting websites as it’s an excellent choice.

When to Upgrade Your Web Hosting Plan

It is unlikely that the Windows VPS hosting plan you chose will continue to be appropriate for your site. It may be time to upgrade as your site grows and changes.

A new hosting plan may be appropriate if, for example:

  • Your site has seen a significant increase in traffic.
  • Your site is not running fast enough.
  • You are concerned about the security and privacy of your site’s information and that of its users.

Sometimes, you may feel like your shared hosting is no longer sufficient. For example, your business may have grown twofold. This means that you will need more resources. Although dedicated hosting provides plenty of resources, it comes at a higher cost, something smaller businesses often can’t afford.

VPS hosting plans are a natural step up from shared hosting in terms of cost. It is easy to find high-quality, affordable VPS hosting. This type of hosting comes with many benefits, especially if it is Windows-based.

Why Go For Windows VPS Hosting Solutions

Signing up for a Windows VPS hosting account has many benefits. We’ll be discussing four of the most important features in the following sections to help you make an informed decision.


Budgeting becomes more difficult as your website grows. It can be a bad investment to invest in shared hosting after your site is outgrowing it.

You don’t want your site to be overpriced and need a dedicated server. VPS hosting is a great option for sites just starting to grow.

No Drain of Resources

The downside to shared hosting is that multiple sites can access the same resources. This means that you will have fewer resources to use if there is a sudden spike of traffic on another server.

Your visitors may experience slow loading speeds which can result in a decrease in traffic and conversions. This is not a good environment for websites with the potential to grow. It also doesn’t give your business and site a professional appearance.

VPS hosting ensures that your resources are not impacted by the activities of your neighbors. You can offer a smoother and faster experience to all of your visitors.

Higher Security Level

VPS hosting is generally considered to be more secure than shared web hosting. This is due to the fact that apps and data stored on virtual servers are isolated from all other users.

If another site is affected by a malware attack or other security breach on your shared plan, it could affect your site as well. It’s much harder for viruses to spread between users because of the separate storage on virtual servers.

Windows-based VPS plans can be managed. You’ll also get additional security measures such as firewalls, intrusion monitoring, and regular remote backups. This is in contrast to unmanaged plans, where most security measures and general maintenance tasks fall on the user.

More Overall Control

VPS hosting plans are independent of other accounts that use the same physical server. This gives you more control over your own partition. You have full control over the operating system, including all files and resources.

A2 Hosting offers Windows-based VPS packages with full admin control. This allows you to customize and set up your server as you wish, and to install and use any additional software. You have more control over your site, which allows you to test and implement more advanced code.

Last but not the least, VPS hosting plans are extremely easy to upgrade as your company grows. There are many hosting packages available, with each offering different levels in processing power, storage and memory. This means that you only pay what you use, and your site is not hampered in the process.

It is not an easy task to launch a website. While choosing a hosting package or an operating system can be a major part of the project’s success, it is important to consider other factors before you make a decision.

Budget is an important consideration. Linux distributions that are installed on web hosting servers are generally free and open-source. Linux hosting plans are also cheaper than Windows.

Before you consider the financial aspects, it is important to understand which hosting options are best for you. A Windows server is the only option if you want to use either the MSSQL data management system or the .NET development platform.

However, it is more difficult to run PHP, MySQL, and web servers such as Apache or Nginx under Windows. If you are looking to start a WordPress blog, you might consider a Linux server.

If the technology behind your computer is not an issue, it might be worth considering your technical knowledge. You might believe that you are familiar with Windows Server, having used Windows for many years on your desktop computer.

The two solutions serve completely different purposes so you will need to be more proficient in server management.

It’s best to choose a managed virtual private server. Also, check with your host to find out what kind of support and tools you’ll receive as part of this package.

Advantages of Windows VPS Hosting

More than 77% of all desktop and laptop computers today run on Windows. Many of you will find it more than helpful to see a familiar interface when managing servers. This is an advantage for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable using a command-line interface. However, there are many other factors that you need to be aware of.

The most distinguishing factor between Linux and Windows hosting servers is the price. When determining your hosting budget, you should consider subscription fees for Microsoft products. Linux’s open-source nature means that users can create all sorts of tools and plugins to improve the OS.

When choosing an operating system, security is another important point to be aware of. Because of its proprietary operating system, cybercriminals aren’t afraid to attack Windows-based servers. Although Linux is not immune to cyberattacks, it seems to be less frequently targeted. Open-source software allows for code review by many people. This makes it easier to spot and fix bugs quickly.

Linux also makes it easier to apply updates. It is possible to update applications and make major changes to the operating system without having to reboot the computer. Windows is more likely to need a reboot after major updates. This is not ideal when you are trying to host a site and keep downtime minimal.

Linux is generally faster and more efficient when using hardware resources. While there are many factors that affect server performance, the fact is that Windows remains heavy relative to its peers.

This should not affect the speed of your website’s loading. The server might struggle to maintain a reasonable level of performance with a more resource-intensive OS in the event there is a high traffic spike.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Products

However, there are some drawbacks to using an open-source OS. It is more difficult to get technical support because Linux is created by a community than an organization. You can ask other users or developers for assistance if you have any problems with the operating system.

It’s impossible to predict when you’ll receive a reply. You also don’t know if the person who is trying to help you is qualified enough to handle it. This is not a good situation, considering that you want to keep the website running smoothly.

In comparison, Microsoft provides an official channel for its variety of products, such as Windows VPS bitcoin payment solutions. Through such a channel, you can contact its support agents. This means you can expect faster and more reliable responses to your concerns. You will also find helpful tips, videos, and tutorials in one place because Windows development is managed by a single company.

Windows VPS Hosting Advantages for Admins

Windows may not be the best for everyone, but it’s a great choice in a niche.

In the corporate world where many (or even hundreds of) users are connected to one network and require instant access to the exact same assets and services, Windows servers are much more popular.

These devices come with Active Directory, which is a directory service for Windows networks that can prove very useful in business environments. It is responsible for authentication, and access control. These are two important aspects of building a corporate network.

Another useful feature of Windows Server is the ability to push policy to individuals and groups. This is a simple and effective way to increase employee productivity and improve the security of your entire network.

While other solutions allow you to do the exact same thing, they aren’t flexible enough. Many tools and applications that are essential to the operation of many businesses are unavailable on other platforms.

Even if they were, however, the transition can be painful, especially when the network is large. This is because end users are too familiar with their OS so it’s not an easy task to switch.

Common Questions About Windows VPS Hosting

Do Linux & Windows VPS have the same advantages?

Both Linux and Windows VPS solutions can be built the same way, and they can even share the same physical server. At a fraction of what a dedicated server solution costs, you get a set of resources guaranteed and a dedicated server IP. You should also consider the ability to scale up your hosting account.

Some Linux VPS include easy-to-use control panel options that allow you to set up everything and then immediately begin building your website. These hosting panels do not support Windows. Ask your hosting provider if you can find similar tools.

Why are Window VPS plans more expensive?

Windows Server is an exclusive operating system that Microsoft has developed. It will cost you money to use. Open-source Linux distributions are widely used and free of charge. Linux hosting is, therefore, more affordable for both the hosting company as well as the users.

Are Windows servers able to host websites?

They can, in short. Microsoft even offers its own web server software, called Internet Information Services (IIS), which is part of Windows NT’s family of operating systems.

Windows is, however, often inferior to Linux for most websites, so most hosting companies prefer an open-source alternative.

What is Windows’ biggest advantage?

Open-source software has one major drawback: you cannot rely on an entire community to assist you if you are stuck. Although they are often willing to help, it is not their main job so it is possible to wait for someone to arrive sooner.

Windows is a proprietary product, so you need a company that will help you with any problems. When choosing an operating system, you must consider the availability and expertise offered by Microsoft’s technical support.


You might believe that the best strategy for web hosting is to use the same operating system as your Windows user. However, this is not always true.

It is crucial to have a good web hosting environment. It’s also important to review your current hosting plan as your site grows. Your current plan may not be able to meet the requirements of your site and your audience. The server OS is an important part of that. You must ensure that the VPS is compatible with your technology if you are considering purchasing a Windows VPS.

Windows will prove to be your best choice if you are convinced it is. You’ll enjoy better technical support and faster performance. To recap, a Windows-based VPS hosting plan offers four primary advantages. For one, it’s a cheaper option than dedicated or shared plans. Also, you are less likely to be affected by “neighbor drainage,” and you’ll get to enjoy higher-level security. Finally, Windows VPS hosting gives you greater control over your website and server.