Using Bitcoin As A Marketing Tool To Build Links, Drive Business, and Get More Engagement

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If you are a marketer and are guilty of overlooking Bitcoin — shame on you! As someone who has done quite a bit of business online, I can tell you with an absolute certainty that you should be paying attention to the Bitcoin community. Not only that — you should be selling to them.

Essentially, every online marketer is looking to fill a need for an underserved niche. They want to build an audience and develop an engaging community around their business. They also want the chance to develop passionate brand ambassadors that will help them spread their message.

Most people in the Bitcoin community are intelligent, tech-savvy, and comfortable doing business online, but if you need more convincing, take a look below:

3 Reasons Not To Ignore Bitcoin…

1) You’ll get engagement.

The Bitcoin crowd is a tight knit community that is waiting to engage with brands offering them a solution. Just don’t be an idiot with your marketing. The “ShamWow” style sales tactics won’t get you far with this crowd. They are looking for transparency and a healthy respect for privacy.

2) You’ll make more money.

If they are looking for Bitcoin services, they have Bitcoins. If they have Bitcoins, chances are they are making money online, and are comfortable holding assets in a currency that is still very new. The short version is that they have money to spend online, with fewer options to spend it. So, provide a solution.

3) You’ll build links and traffic.

The Bitcoin crowd talks about every new business that starts accepting Bitcoin. And they don’t just talk about it. They will link to you, talk about your business on social media, and share your link in forums around the web. Oh, and let’s not forget about the serious traffic you can get from places like /r/Bitcoin.

How ANY Business Can Easily Begin Accepting Bitcoins

The concept of Bitcoin, and the Bitcoin protocol itself, can be confusing at first, but accepting Bitcoins is no different than processing a payment through your merchant account.

There are two basic ways you can go about accepting Bitcoins:

1) Accept payments directly.

If you are wanting to begin accepting Bitcoin for your business, I would not recommend doing it this way. There are no transaction fees, but if you use the same Bitcoin address to accept payments from your customers, anyone curious enough can take a peek into what you are making. And you don’t want the competition spying on you

2) Use Bitpay.

This is by far the better choice, especially if you do not want to deal with converting bitcoins into cash. All you have to do to get started is sign up for Bitpay, and add the bank account you want the funds to be deposited into. It’s extremely simple. From there, once you receive a payment, Bitpay will automatically deposit the funds into your bank account within a few days. If you are already processing credit cards, then you will be familiar with the process.

Pro tip: You can also choose the percentage you would like in Bitcoin. This is a safe way to enter the Bitcoin market without having to “buy in” or start mining yourself.

Want To Hear More?

Zero Fraud Risk

There are other benefits to Bitcoin, and if your industry or niche is prone to fraud orders, you’ll definitely appreciate the fact that Bitcoin has no chargebacks.

You read that correctly. A fully confirmed transaction on the block chain has zero fraud risk.

Can Be Accepted From Anywhere In The World

Bitcoin is a global, peer-to-peer payment network, that makes it easy to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world.

It’s easy to see the benefits of accepting Bitcoin. It’s pretty clear that digital currency is the future, and Bitcoin is leading the charge. If you are the type of business owner that stays at the forefront of disruptive technology, do your business a favor and start accepting Bitcoin.

It’s worth it for the extra exposure and links alone.

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