Managed Support Guidelines

$35.00One Time for System reinstall

FREE Support  for VPS and Dedicated servers.

Servers without a control panel –

  • System reinstall
  • All hardware issues, including parts/labor

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Dedicated Servers and VPS (minimum 4 slices) with a control panel (cPanel or Direct Admin. Plesk support not included)

  • System / Control Panel reinstall
  • All hardware issues, including parts/labor
  • Repair of any service that is not functioning, e.g.
    • Web Server
    • Mail Server
    • DNS Server
    • SQL Server
    • FTP Server
      Tomcat and Mailman are not included

PAID Support

All other issues will fall under the category of paid support.

Example of paid support:

Your web server is running, but the website is displaying a ‘Forbidden‘, ‘Not Found‘, ‘Internal Server Error‘, etc.

Resolution to such a problem will be outside our support.

Windows Support

  • Re-installation of Windows OS.

InterServer technicians will help restore the above services back to their functional condition at no additional charge.

Included Colocation Support

  • Reboots
  • Console checks (report any error messages on-screen)
  • Simple keyboard presses (F1 to get out of BIOS)

Additional Support & Costs (Colocation/VPS/Dedicated)

Extended support will be billed under our standard hourly rate of $160/hour, in 15-minute increments.

cPanel + CentOS / Fedora / RedHat / FreeBSD Security Solutions

  • mod_security
  • Kernel / Userland
  • Syn Flood Protection
  • Automatic Security Updates
  • IPTables Firewall
  • PF Firewall Ruleset w/ Scrub (freebsd only)
  • Hardening Temporary Dirs
  • Removal of Un-needed Services
  • Removal of Un-needed RPMs / programs
  • Ksplice Rebootless security updates
  • Logwatch w/ daily reports
  • Daily Security Updates
  • Safer PHP Configuration
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Access Control List (exec protect)
  • Syn Cookie Protection

Advanced Hosting Solutions

InterServer Advanced Hosting provides small to medium-sized companies cost effective solutions for their online infrastructure.
We will work with your company to develop the solution that best fits your plans. For additional information contact our sales department.

  • Clustering / Load Balancing
  • VPNs
  • High-Storage Arrays
  • VoIP Phone Service
  • Managed Firewall Solutions
  • Cloud Services

Server Optimization Solutions

  • Web Server optimization
  • Conversions to LiteSpeed or Nginx
  • Mysql Optimization (slow queries, memory allocation, & connections)
  • PHP Optimization
  • OS optimization (inodes, buffers, memory)
  • Overall hardware check up (CPU, memory, storage)